Hi, and welcome to The Fascinating World of Forestry™’s first blog post! Before we dive right into things, I think introductions are in order. I bet you’re just chock full of questions!

So, what is The Fascinating World of Forestry™? Why am I here?

The Fascinating World of Forestry™ is a programme where in-depth knowledge and the insights on the region’s forestry sector are brought to life! As part of the programme, we conduct field trips to paper mills, drop by schools for talks, set up mobile exhibitions, and even have an online portal where students like you can learn all about how paper is made and what exactly sustainable forestry is!

So far, we have…

– A total of 19 schools sign up for the programme.


Official programme launch at Anglo Chinese School (Independent) on 15th July 2015


– conducted 3 teachers’ recce trips


A visit to the Recovery Boiler on our first teachers’ recce trip on 11th August 2014


– Conducted two field trips to Kerinci in Indonesia with Anglo Chinese School (Independent) and National University of Singapore (NUS),with some happy students rating their overall learning experience a 4.9/5!

Inaugural field trip with Anglo Chinese School (Independent) on 5th November 2014


– 9 schools on board with our Edu-Portal

Teachers Eduportal Workshop

Teachers’ Edu-Portal Workshop at Hillgrove Secondary School on 26th September 2014


– Visited 6 schools and presented to over 800 students on sustainable forest management

School Talk at Woodgrove Secondary on 7th October 2014


We now have this blog too!

We’re gonna have such a great time here. We’ll be talking about the latest news on forestry and the environment, sharing some highlights of our rockin’ trips, and you’ll be learning something new each time.

So join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating world around us.

To sustainable forestry and beyond!