On 15th April 2016, we were very happy to partner with Hougang Secondary School (HSS) to conduct a talk on sustainable forest management. We had two back-to-back sessions with more than 100 students participating in the talk – wow! Our visit concluded the school’s Earth Week activities, where students explored topics such as globalisation and its impact on the environment.

The students were first welcomed by Mr. Chin, a Secondary 4 Social Studies teacher who set the tone before our programme began. The talk was proudly presented by Guest Speaker, Dr. Petrus Gunarso, Conservation Director of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) Group.

“It’s my second visit here. Every time I interact with students like yourselves, I am inspired by your discussions!”

Dr. Gunarso has over 30 years of professional experience in the forest management industry. He shared on what sustainability means to this sector and how APRIL Group, a leading producer of fiber, pulp and fine paper has continued to pioneer sustainable practices in Indonesia. On top of that, a mobile exhibition offered an interactive experience for students to learn more about pulp-making process.

Dr. Gunarso also brought attention to transboundary haze pollution- a perennial issue in the ASEAN region. A video on Fire-Free Village Programme (FFVP), a holistic programme by APRIL Group to reduce overall fire occurrence in the region was screened to the students, showing real issues faced on the ground. He reminded the students that they can all play a part to stamp out this environmental crisis. The students were then challenged to take on the role of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), communities and the government to combat the haze.

We were so proud to see HSS students taking on the challenge so well! It was definitely fun watching their lively exchange of ideas for the presentation. And finally…it’s showtime!

We had such a great time at HSS! We can’t wait to be back to share the latest in forest management and the environment. Till the next time!