Geography Teachers’ Association (GTA) Seminar

28th March 2015


Thoughts on the Field Trip

“The trip was informative and it exposed us to the company and its efforts to conserve and give back to the community. It was overall quite a fun and interesting trip!” – Lai Chiu Ting, Teaching Assistant at National University of Singapore (NUS)

“Overall, I really enjoyed the trip. It was fun to witness up close the entire process of paper-making from the planting of Acacia trees to the packing of the end-product. In addition, meeting up with the students who can speak English very fluently was also very enjoyable!” – Erickson Citra, Student at Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

“Fantastic benefits for the students! The students got ample opportunity to see from seed to finish product – Paper and exactly what went on. ”– Peter Davies, Geography Teacher at Anglo Chinese School (Independent)