Have you ever wondered what goes on beneath the surface of an ant hill? Or ever wanted to know how do these hills form? Pique your interests in the fascinating world of ants by building your very own ant farm at home. Using materials you may already have, building an ant farm will be a fun and engaging experience for your family. So let’s get ready for this wholesome home recreation, while learning a thing or two on our ant friends too!

How to create an Ant Farm

Tips on preparation:

  1. If you do not have apothecary or glass jars at home, they can be easily found in any home ware store! Alternatively, simply use any soft drink bottles. They just have to be in two sizes.
  2. Source the ants from a nearby area. Make sure they are not fire ants- you don’t want to get attacked! Field ants are usually brown or black-ish in colour. If you want to play it safe, you can purchase an ant farm kit online or at any gardening store.
  3. Collect dirt from the location of your ant colony to prepare your sand and soil mixture. Alternatively, you can also use regular sand for your mixture and ensure that it is slightly moist. You can also purchase topping soil from any gardening store.


Ants thrive on sugary food, so you can feed them anything from jam spread to small pieces of fruits! If the soil feels dry, add a moist cotton ball into the jar. Never add water directly as the ants could drown. Lift up the jar once in every few days to allow oxygen to reach the ants. Ta-dah! Don’t forget to take photos to capture the progress of your ant tunnels. Have fun trying! Tell us your experience by leaving a comment at the section below. Till next time, folks.