Since 2014, terrariums are increasingly becoming a trend in local art markets such as The Local People SG. What makes these mini plants so popular? A self-proclaimed ‘green lover’ from sunny Singapore, Instagram user @mossingarden displays his array of terrarium collection, proving that terrariums are more than just your average houseplants.

As urban dwellers, we live in a city of constant noise and restlessness. Therein lies the beauty in nature where it doesn’t hurry. With a host of ‘touristy’ packages to luxury accommodation on private islands increasingly claiming to offer the ‘nature living’ getaway, becoming part of this niche trend might just break your wallet, instead of unleashing your innate desire to connect with nature.

We love how terrariums are a great way to perk up indoor spaces while helping to boost oxygen levels as you carry on with your daily routines. The best part about creating terrariums is that you have complete freedom over how you choose to customize them. The possibilities are infinite. What’s more, you only need simple tools to begin!

We invite you to explore an exciting journey to learn more about sustainable forestry…right from your own living room. Consider creating your own forestry at home without breaking that wallet and this might just be your urban sanctuary. Check out these 8 simple steps that could inspire you to express your version of forestry. Whether they’re fun, quirky or outright surprising, we love how they make our fingers itchy to get crafty!

If you’d like to get serious, there are many workshops conducted by local interest groups on the art of creating terrariums. You could also approach the gardening community in your neighbourhood on choosing the best plants for indoor spaces.

Embark on your learning journey and explore the infinite possibilities with your terrariums! Leave your comments above, we’d love to hear from you!

Enjoyed this post? Watch out for this space to find out more about upcoming projects to be part of our conversations on Sustainable Forestry. Until then, have fun creating your mini-forests! 🙂